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15 August 2011 @ 10:56 am
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Name: Electrix
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22 February 2011 @ 11:37 pm
updating. :D

19 May 2010 @ 01:59 am
Can't stop this feeling.
Why couldn't you just say you didn't care sooner?
Make me cry alone at night, all because you caused these feelings.

Heh, first real true love being blown to pieces hurt worse than when I dropped a steel box on my toe. I cared about him, and yet he didn't even care when I produced tears for the first time. He should feel special, I don't fall in love easily and it was the first time I truly cried for a guy.

Everyone tells me guys are just jerks.
Love blinds you.

Going back to watching NCIS now.
My new love is now TIBBS <3
Tony & Gibbs is such a amazing couple~

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27 October 2009 @ 01:02 am
I know its been awhile since I posted here, but I got addicted to RO <3


WTF! OMG! djoifjhseopifghaefr


-hides in a corner and crys-

My poor breaky...

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25 September 2009 @ 04:22 am
Its 4:00 in the morning & again I can't sleep a wink. It's not like I try - I lay my head down to sleep but it just won't come. I just have way to much on my mind right now. With family matters, trying to find a job & trying to get his damn guy out of my head. Its already been a year, but when someone calls you up unexpectedly (and you haven't heard his voice in forever) those thoughts just sink back to you. Those days you smiled, those days you held each other into the night, the days where he protected you, the days of pure bliss & the day that ended it all. I know its not good to dwell on a romance that will never be, and he made sure to let me know it however can't I just have a bit of hope?

Or should I just wait till that someone comes and frees me of them.

I do go see him every once in awhile, but it always ends up the same way. Why should I put my heart through this? He the first person I ever loved, the only person I ever loved. He was perfect, the only guy I couldn't get annoyed with - the one that I thought I would be with forever..

Romance should be left to the novels.

I really need to stop reading Shoujo Mangas.... -hmph-

COLOR GUARD THING. I'll be so embarrassing her. Pft, its my job as a elder sister.
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22 September 2009 @ 09:05 pm
Here is my contact info, if anyone wishes to talk outside of LJ <3
Do not be afraid to contact me - I love to meet new people.
If I don't respond, I'm working on projects.
Do not take offense.

AIM: exquisitdefect

MSN: exquisitdefect@live.com

MAIL: exquisitdefect@gmail.com

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21 September 2009 @ 05:44 pm
So last night I forced  watched the first two episodes of the new series "The Vampire Diaries". I still haven't gotten over how much it sucked. Corny acting, the fog was so fake - his jumping off the building made me giggle. The story line was also so cliche, its been used so many times. It reminded me how much Vampire shows and books now a days are twisted into what the public wants to see. Boy is vampire, boy meets human girl, both boy & girl fall in love, they overcome the two worlds. Lala. This is why I hate Twilight so much, and I'm not going into that or its going to be a whole rant. Anyways where are novels like Ann Rice's books? ;o I actually didn't mind True Blood - because it was totally different than I expected. Come on who doesn't love Southern Rich Deep Vampires <33333

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20 September 2009 @ 12:29 am
revamp ;o


This is a tribute to the smexy Xerxes Break of Pandora Hearts.
Be prepared - because I am a extreme fangirl when it comes to him.
He has my heart twisted into a pretzel.


Well its only been two days since I was fired from my job and I'm still having mixed feelings about it. On one side I loved what I did, working for Loss Prevention was pretty much fun when we were actually catching people & getting apprehensions. However, on the other side I hated the people I worked with - they gave me no respect. One of the guys, Le, hadn't said one word my way for at least three months. Dave my boss was hardly there so I really didn't concern myself with him. The new guy Sterling gave me shit all the time. The other Dave was the only one who treated me like a normal co-worker. Yet he's pissed that I got myself up and fired.

Its hard to do a job where your the only female in the department -- you get the dead end jobs, you are second guessed all the time and when you mess up your severely dealt with a lecture.. Its really hard when your the youngest as well. I'm in college, I have normal grades so stop treating me like a kid. I'm twenty flipping years old! Its what I wanted to say but alas I didn't get the chance to. I think these feelings of regret will stop when I find a new job. ---- I really hope so.

Now I just worried about paying my car payment next month, hoping to god I have enough money in the bank to pay my roommate back (it would be killer if my check bounced) and trying to find food for the day. I do not want to resort to going through my friend's cupboards again. -shudders-

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24 June 2009 @ 11:50 pm
I think all these days alone has gotten me thinking to much. I already over think everything now I'm really starting to believe I might see the worst in ALL situations. What do I mean? Well lets give an example shall we? I have this "guy friend" and I have a slight crush on him, likewise for him as well. He calls me sweety, and hun like a boyfriend would do. However I don't want to date anyone right now - so now I'm avoiding him because with my past experiences is that I tend to lead people on. (even though I normally act the same way with everyone, people take it that I like them if I talk to them nicely). NOW, hes royally pissed at me....>.>

So this leads to me thinking, and my thinking leads me to believe I never make anyone happy even if I'm the nicest girl on the planet.

Now I'm sitting here sulking and watching Yu Yu Hakusho to cheer me up with a nice bowl of ice cream.
I hate being depressed XD its not me!
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08 August 1989 @ 10:09 pm
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I got NAKED with {{Allen Walker}} last night

I claimed Sebastian MichaelisCiel Phantomhive over @

Xerxes Break is my boyfriend ♥ over at [info]is_my_bf

The House of Cards || Jack of Spades

» Gilbert Nightray « got a taste of my cotton candy last night

Dr. Vincent Nightray gave me a lick of his lollipop when I was sick

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